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Vann market research


Дата разработки: 11.12.2009

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Vann market research

  1. The volume of production in Russia of the baths in Russia (Kirov Plant, the Universal plant, the Lipetsk Pipe Plant, Teliem, Acrylan) in 2009, forecast for 2010
  2. Analysis of the import of baths in Russia in 2009 (assortment, prices, volumes, buyers)
  3. Analysis of the export of baths from Russia in 2009 (assortment, prices, volumes, buyers)
  4. Calculation of the capacity of the bath market in the context of segments (steel, cast iron, acrylic)
  5. Comparative characteristics of the image of bath manufacturers, their strengths and weaknesses
  6. Analysis of the competitive environment
  7. Demand forecast in the short and medium term
File name: ТЗ-573-2009