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Competitor analysis

Competitive analysis is carried out both to identify newly emerging competitors and to find out the details of already known competitors:

Commercial Detail Group:
- identification of the most demanded products of competitors, the composition of related services;
- customers and/or consumers (consignees) of the company;
- clarification of the level of prices for the sale of products or services by competitors;
- clarification of a flexible pricing policy (dependence of discounts on purchase volumes);
- clarification of the level of purchase prices for certain raw materials;
- assessment of the level of service (speed of service, convenience, etc.) by competitors;
- distribution of sales by product groups, regions, distribution channels, segments;
- assessment of dependence on foreign markets;
- characteristics of distribution channels.

Industrial Detail Group:
- capacity assessment (including depending on the number of shifts) of competitors;
- assessment of the current scale of production / supply of products (volume of services rendered);
- identification of technological equipment;
- definition of production technology;
- obtaining copies of design or technical documentation;
- specialized information — depending on the specifics of the activity:
     - for terminals — nature of the cargo, capacity and volumes of transshipment (port – length of berths, depth);
     - for mining companies — the state of development of the deposit, the characteristics of minerals;
     - for agricultural enterprises — land area, soil composition, map of the area, etc.

Other management information:
- identification of competitors' development plans (at what stage are — implementation or planning);
- identification of key persons;
- definition of functional structure;
- financial performance indicators (revenue, profit, profitability, etc.);
- problems and weaknesses of the company;
- strengths and competitive advantages of the company.

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